Self defense can seem like an infinite number of lethal problems that takes years to develop enough skill to survive effectively. Not true. Personal Protective Measures is the answer!

Let’s face it…you don’t have years to train when an attack could happen tomorrow. But the reality is that physical street violence, even when the attack involves a weapon, is not very skillful. And although it does take effort, the most probable attacks don’t take years to learn to defend against. That’s where Personal Protective Measures comes in…

What is Personal Protective Measures?

Personal Protective Measures is a comprehensive form of modern combatives for defense and offense. Based primarily on our weekly Bujinkan Martial Arts program, this system focuses on the most essential tactics to effectively deal with the weapons and dangerous situations that you may face in today’s modern context, all the while staying within our legal framework. This is not a martial art with fancy, complicated, and unrealistic moves. It is easy to learn and simple to apply. You. Can. Do. This!


Level I is all defensive tactics. It is 2 days of coursework divided into 8 modules with practical evaluation drills. The modules include:

Day 1: Surviving the Unarmed Attacker

  • Module 1: Basics of Self Defense – Survival mindset. Awareness. Assessing your situation. Breathe, think, act. Getting off the X. Basic defensive and offensive stances, movement, and striking.
  • Module 2: Grounded & Wall Defense – how to survive getting knocked down, protect yourself while on the ground or up against a wall and fight your way to a safe location while assessing your environment.
  • Module 3: Defense Against Grabs and Chokes – escaping common attacks of being grabbed or choked and moving to a safe location while assessing your environment.

Day 2: Surviving the Armed Attacker

  • Module 4: Defense Against Blunt Weapons – surviving being bludgeoned with a blunt weapon, such as a ball bat, crow bar, truncheon and the like. Disarm and incapacitate opponent, assess, and move to a safe location.
  • Module 5: Defense Against Edged Weapons, Pre-Contact – surviving being slashed and stabbed by edged weapons, such as a machete, fixed blade knife, and folding knife. Disarm and incapacitate opponent, assess, and move to a safe location. Builds upon the previous module.
  • Module 6: Defense Against Edged Weapons, On-Contact – surviving being held at knife point. Integrate verbal tactics, disarm and incapacitate opponent, assess, and move to a safe location. Builds upon Module 2.
  • Module 7: Defense Against Firearms – surviving being held at gun point. Integrate verbal tactics, disarm and incapacitate opponent, assess, and move to a safe location. Builds upon Modules 3 and 4.
  • Module 8: Defense Against Multiple Attackers and Improvised Weapons/Tactical Pen – Discover simple strategies and tactics to survive multiple attackers. Builds upon all modules.

Practical Evaluations & Other Details

  • Practical Evaluations: Each module offers an opportunity to test what you have learned in dynamic, but safe and controlled simulations against a “bad guy” who is wearing protective gear! Students must satisfactorily complete each PE in order to be considered for the Personal Protective Measures Instructor Program.
  • Personal Protective Measures Level 1 is a 2 day course. $300/per person. Limited spots available at each course. We offer incentives for course hosts!

The curriculum is constantly being updated and improved as new information becomes available. This is a dynamic course that adjusts to new threats, new scenarios, and new weapons as they present themselves (the 9-11 attacks were an example of how threats, scenarios, and weapons change in modern times).

Other Bonuses

If you attend a Personal Protective Measures Level 1 Course, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to our private A.C.T. Defense Facebook Group where you can converse with other course graduates to discuss training concepts, self defense tips, drills, video reviews, and more! Think of it as an online continuing education tool.



Personal Protective Measures Level 1 – September 15-16, 2018 at Hoover Tactical Firearms


For course dates and locations, please check our Training Calendar, or to schedule and host a Level 1 course in your hometown or privately in your own facility, please contact us!

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