Martial Arts Student Moves to Protect Knife Attack Victim on College Campus

Today (Friday, August 30, 2013), I had an interesting experience.  I was walking back from the science building at the university to go across campus and grab lunch. I got about halfway to the food court, right in front of our library, and a random guy wearing a pocketknife in his right pocket came out from about 30 feet in front of the group of people in front of me. He was indexing the knife with his right hand as if he was about to draw it, and he was headed directly toward a girl in front of me with a pissed off look on his face. His walk was menacing, and his intent was right on the girl as he approached. I instantly felt an adrenaline dump as he closed in to about five feet from the girl, who was paying zero attention. He started to pull his hand out of his pocket and draw the knife, all in a forward motion towards the girl. I was close at this point, as I had started closing the distance between me and him… (more…)

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