Grounded Self Defense Simulation Drill

Being on the ground when a bad guy is standing above and attacking you is very bad position to be in, but it is also common position that you may find yourself in. Regaining your mobility by getting back to your feet is a critical self defense skill.

We use a simple skill development cycle to train self defense tactics.

  • Learning Phase – Introduce a tactic to learn the reasons and mechanics of that skill.
  • Developing Phase – Isolate the skill and build it up through dynamic drills of varying degrees of intensity.
  • Evaluation Phase – Integrate the tactic to test your ability to apply the skill in a simulation or scenario.

This is a simple drill to evaluate what you have learned at the end of the Grounded Defense Module of the Personal Protective Measures Level 1 course.

Notice the funny, but simple and effective method of inducing dizziness. This is to simulate the disorientation of being dazed from a blow to the head. But it’s safe enough to not cause a concussion or brain damage.

In this video, the instructor explains the evaluation drill, then has students perform several times to further build ability and confidence. The student shown in the video is a Law Enforcement Officer. Notice that he’s practicing in his duty gear. You should strive to train as close as possible to the reality of your daily life.

First learn the basic skillset. Then you could add another attacker, weapons, or low light conditions. You could then move into more realistic environments such as the inside of a car or a room with furniture. That will force you to adapt to the limited space available. The variations are limited only by your imagination.

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Michael Tucker is the chief instructor at A.C.T. Defense. He is currently ranked at 9th degree black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and is a Sentinal International Group Instructor. He has also successfully completed instructor development courses in Tony Blauer’s Personal Defense Readiness/S.P.E.A.R. System Basics and Rob Pincus’ Combat Focus Shooting. He has over 25 years experience in martial arts. He has worked as a Contractor for the US Department of Defense while training soldiers and DOD personnel before deployment to high-threat environments in hand to hand combat, improvised weapons, pistol and carbine shooting, and tactical driving. He as also been contracted to develop personal safety courses for Southern Company, Samford University, The Birmingham YMCA, KlassKIDS Foundation and others. He continually studies how human movement, behavior, psychology, physiology, and training methodology relate to the practice of martial arts and surviving violence.

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