Verbal De-escalation Tactics and Intimate Areas

Here I talk about a couple of specific, but very important considerations for your conflict resolution/de-fusing/verbal de-escalation tactics. Keep your human brain engaged and avoid making a mistake that could cause an escalation to physical violence.

Here’s a┬álink to the article I mentioned at the beginning of the video: Scientists Map Out The Awkwardness Of Physical Contact With Others

Have you ever seen or experienced some of the things mentioned in this video? Leave your story in the comments.

1 thought on “Verbal De-escalation Tactics and Intimate Areas”

  1. Awkward topic but interesting and educational. In the article I was surprised at how little men liked being touched, even by their partners, whereas, females didn’t seem to mind being touched by their partners. My husband and are the exact opposite so this definitely gave me a different perspective, one I wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t shared. Thanks!

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