Women’s Protective Measures FAQ

Going into unfamiliar territory is a little challenging for most people. For women who are thinking about taking self defense training, it can be even more challenging.

What if I have zero experience? What if I am not in great shape? What if I look foolish or silly? How rough will the training be? Will I get injured? Will this bring up bad memories and feelings of past trauma?

Maybe you feel that self defense training doesn’t really apply to you…

In the video below, Chelsea, Jo, Kaitlin, and I go over these common concerns and fears that women often express (or many times keep to themselves) when considering learning self defense. Instead of getting a male only perspective, you’ll get info from a female perspective.

First, a little background info…

Chelsea and Kaitlin have been studying martial arts and self defense since they were teenagers (they’re in their mid-twenties now). They both hold 3rd degree black belts and are working on becoming Personal Protective Measures (PPM) and Women’s Protective Measures (WPM) instructors.

Jo has been training in our Bujinkan martial arts program for over a year and has taken our PPM1 and WPM1 courses a couple of times each.

Take a few minutes on your lunch break or after dinner and soak in this info. We hope this will answer a few of your concerns.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this or any other training we offer.



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  1. Hello I’m checking how long is a course for self defense. I have a group of women friends and coworkers who would like to take a class. Also, the cost per person and scheduling. PLEASE contact me with details.

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