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You’ve got some hand to hand self defense skills. You recognize that certain situations require more force to survive, but you can’t legally carry a gun everywhere. That’s where edged weapons – knives, fit in. Personal Protective Measures Level 2: Advanced Edged Weapons gives you the necessary skills to use your defensive knife to survive a multitude of dangerous situations. Personal Protective Measures Level 2: Advanced Edged Weapons WHAT IS PERSONAL PROTECTIVE MEASURES? Personal Protective Measures is a modern, comprehensive form of self defense. This program focuses on the most essential fundamentals to effectively deal with the weapons and dangerous situations that you may face in today’s modern context, all the while staying within our legal framework. It is NOT a martial arts style with flashy unrealistic moves. It is easy to learn. Simple to apply. And most importantly, it WORKS! PERSONAL PROTECTIVE MEASURES LEVEL 2: ADVANCED EDGED WEAPONS COURSE CURRICULUM:
  • Review of PPM Level 1 Edged Weapons Defense Pre-Contact and On-Contact
  • Analysis of different types of knives
  • How to select a good defensive knife
  • Developing a knife carry system that integrates with your other everyday carry tools and dress
  • Drawing the knife from various positions (standing, seated, grounded, etc.)
  • Proper grips, stances, movement, cutting and stabbing techniques
  • Knife fighting drills vs. knife, impact weapons, etc.
  • Integrating other weapons into the fight – tactical pen, flashlight, pistol
  • Anatomical Targeting – where and how to cut and stab for maximum efficiency
  • Meat Cutting to analyze the effect of various blade types on various clothing types and the wound dynamics they create
The curriculum is constantly evolving and not stuck in tradition. It is a dynamic course that adjusts to new threats, new scenarios, and new weapons as they present themselves. WHAT TO BRING:
  • We recommend wearing standard workout clothing and sneakers or your duty attire – the main idea is to train as close to what you usually wear day to day
  • Water and towels – expect to sweat
  • If you regularly carry a firearm as part of your personal defense gear, you are welcome to bring inert training versions of those items. NO LIVE FIREARMS!
  • We will have some protective gear to use on site for certain drills, but if you have your own, please bring it
  • An unsharpened metal training knife (we will have a few to loan out if you don’t have your own)
  • Your live, sharp, everyday carry knife
  • Note taking material if you like
  • Good attitude, open mind, and a willingness to work!
  UPCOMING COURSE DATES PPM2: AEW – December 1-2, 2018 at Hoover Tactical Firearms (contact us for details)