Critique of 12 Gun Clichés

defensive pistol training

As is typical on social media (and too often among self defense instructors and students), many things that are actually complex topics get so boiled down to single statements that the context gets lost. When things like that happen, what could’ve been good advice can actually turn into bad advice that could land you in […]

You Don’t Know Kung Fu

Neo knows kung fu.

Many people in my social circle who don’t train in martial arts will sometimes tell others that, “He knows karate.” Sometimes you’ll hear children that have started training say they know karate. And of course, Neo knows kung-fu. But in reality, I don’t know karate. I don’t even know budo taijutsu. But I do practice […]

Lessons From Cleaning Mats

dojo mats

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in June 2017 – the air thick with Alabama brand humidity soup. Duncan and I were outside with a 6 pack of beer, two of the cheapest mops Dollar General has to offer, a 5 gallon bucket, “CloverValley” knockoff dish soap and paper towels (I think I spent $10 […]

When To Use Eye Gouging In Groundfighting

eye gouging groundfighting

Dirty tactics such as eye gouging often come up in self defense instruction as a legitimate method of escaping an attacker. Specifically when on the ground. But as a stand alone tactic, they are very unreliable.

A Hidden Danger In Only Having A Gun For Self Defense

Every time I start to talk about hand to hand self defense, there’s always someone that blows it off with some variation of the following mentality: “I’ll just shoot’em.” But there is a hidden danger in only having a gun for self defense. The danger is that when all you have is a hammer, everything […]