Self Defense Courses

I’m extremely busy! How can I learn the self defense skills I know I need with my hectic schedule? The answer is our weekend self defense courses.

We get it. You’ve got 1,001 work, school, and family obligations to fulfill and barely have time for yourself. How can you possibly learn and apply self defense skills that will work in a real fight without dedicating years upon years of martial arts practice?

The fact is, everyone has limited training resources. Whether that be time, interest, or money. Since your training resources are limited, you need to prioritize your efforts on learning to deal with the most probable situations first. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is a weekend of training really that big of an effort? Look, we’re not saying that you’ll be Bruce Lee after a weekend or two of training. Honestly, you probably aren’t all that interested in trying to be Bruce Lee. And the fact is that you don’t need to be. You just need a functional level of personal defense skills. If you’re looking to take your training to the highest possible level, we recommend that you check out our Bujinkan Martial Arts program.
  • Which is more time consuming? The couple of days it takes to learn some solid self defense skills OR the days, weeks, months, even years that could be tied up in the hospital (assuming you escape with your life) away from your family and work, recovering from injury and post traumatic stress, and dealing with the legal system (jail time, lawyer meetings, court hearings) all because you didn’t take the time to develop the skills and knowledge to physically, psychologically, and legally defend yourself.
  • Which is more expensive? Taking a weekend course or two…or all of the above? Medical bills. Legal fees. What if you are injured to the point that you can no longer work?  Your training is not an expense. It is an investment in your safety and peace of mind!

With our dynamic training methodology, our self defense courses will help you develop the necessary level of skill to survive the most probable situations you are likely to face in the street in record time! No flashy complicated moves. No mystical philosophy. No bullshit! These self defense courses teach you skills that are easy to learn and simple to apply.

Regardless of your limited resources, we are confident that we have a self defense course for you! Click below to learn more about each course.

Personal Protective Measures Level 1

Personal Protective Measures Level 1

Women’s Personal Protective Measures

Women’s Protective Measures