Women's Protective Measures Program

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Self defense is your natural right in life!

If you’re ready to…

  • finally take control of your own security
  • not be controlled by anxiety and fear
  • learn no nonsense self defense techniques that will help you survive violence

…then we’ve got the training program for you!

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Below is a small preview of some of the techniques you’ll learn.

You’ll first learn the techniques in a slow, focused manner and gradually build up the intensity.


Protect yourself from predatory violence

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Join other women on this journey


Let your spirit shine forth in the world

How It Works

Our Women’s Protective Measures program is for busy ladies just like you who want to take control of their personal security and gain greater confidence through self defense training.

This program is a one day course, usually offered on a Saturday from 9am-1pm.

You can see the next available course dates below.

We offer our training to women ages 13 and up who have a positive attitude and are willing to work hard.

If that sounds like you, here’s a little of what this program offers:

Understand Real Awareness & Assessment

Going beyond the conventional advice of “pay attention to your surroundings”, you’ll learn…

  • who is a bad guy and common tactics they use to trick and manipulate women, so that you can’t be taken advantage of
  • practical ways to trust your intuition so you can avoid danger before things turn physically violent which means no drama
  • how to turn natural fear into an ally and supercharge your ability to defend yourself

Verbal Skills to Deescalate Situations

Often violence can be avoided by knowing the right things to say and how to present yourself.

  • learn a simple 3 step process for setting and enforcing boundaries
  • how to have an assertive presence and when necessary, to feign giving up so you can use the element of surprise in your defense
  • how to set up a support system of family and friends ahead of time who can help you heal if you are attacked

Physical Skills of Self Defense

  • simple but reliable techniques and tactics for the most common attacks that assailants use
  • no complicated or flashy martial arts moves that require elite fitness or years of practice
  • you’ll start slow and practice the moves with the other women in the course. Then, if you wish, you may try them out on male “bad guy” role players

All the physical drills are practiced in a safe and controlled manner.

You control the intensity.

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A common fear for many women who wish to engage in self defense training is that she’ll look stupid or weak in front her peers, and especially in front of male instructors.

We assure you that these courses are judgment free zones!

Everyone is a beginner at first.



Because of the sensitive subject matter of this course (rape, abduction, stalking, domestic violence, etc.), a certain level of maturity is required of participants. We will address these subjects in a truthful manner not to frighten, but to prepare you for the reality of these kinds of attacks.
Self defense training is not an alternative to professional therapy.
Although this course can be very empowering, if you have been a victim of sexual assault we recommend that you first seek out a professional therapist to help you in the healing and recovery process. This training can potentially trigger memories of past trauma. You, or you and your doctor, must assess your own level of readiness and confidence towards this training.
Women will conduct drills with each other first. Then if you wish, you may try the drills with a male “bad guy” role player. All training drills are entirely voluntary.
Although this is a serious subject, we conduct training in a fun and safe atmosphere. Your physical and psychological safety is our primary concern.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Train!

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Private Courses by Request

Women’s Protective Measures is also available by special request for churches, sororities, businesses, out-of-town events, and other groups.

If you would like to set up a course for your group, please fill out the short form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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