Welcome to A.C.T. Defense!

We’re on a mission to provide the highest quality martial arts and self defense training to people who wish to live safely and value truth, freedom, and justice.

Who Is A.C.T. Defense

A.C.T. Defense is the Birmingham area’s premier training community for responsible, good hearted people. It’s a place where you can learn how to defend yourself efficiently, connect with highly skilled martial artists, and get the techniques and tactics you need to survive extreme violence. Over the years with hundreds of students in the city and state, we’ve become one of Alabama’s most trusted voices providing the best martial arts and self defense training available.

What We Do

A.C.T. Defense gives you Assessment, Communication, and Tactical for self defense…ensuring your personal safety and freedom

Why We Do It

We believe that freedom is the natural state of human beings. But it takes physical and spiritual strength and responsibility to achieve and maintain that freedom.

We believe that martial arts are a path to that strength and responsibility.

We believe that to be free also requires sincerity and a thirst for truth. 

We believe that once truly free, people naturally wish for others to be free. We accomplish this through selfless service to our fellow man. And this creates natural justice in the world.

Thus, martial arts are a path to peace.

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Meet The Instructor

Michael Tucker, Shihan
Hello, my name is Michael Tucker. I’m the owner and head instructor at A.C.T. Defense. I’ve been studying, training, and teaching martial arts and self defense for over 29 years. I’ve trained people from all walks of life from the U.S. Military to busy mothers.
My team at A.C.T. Defense and I have been contracted to teach safety and self defense courses for Southern Company, the Birmingham YMCA, KlassKids Foundation, and Girls Inc. among many others.
My qualifications:
  • 13th dan Shihan in Bujinkan Martial Arts
  • Personal Protective Measures Level 1 & 2 Instructor
  • Women’s Protective Measures Instructor
  • Graduate of I.C.E. Training Company’s Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Course

A.C.T. Defense

Martial Arts School

2036 Old Montgomery Hwy

Birmingham, AL 35244

(205) 490-8340

Hours of Operation:

Monday                 7:30-9pm

Tuesday                 Closed

Wednesday           7:30-9pm

Thursday               Closed

Friday                    Closed

Saturday               11:30am-1pm

Sunday                  Closed