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Personal Protective Measures Level 1

self defense

Survive the most likely violent situations


Learn essential self defense skills quickly


Ensure your freedom and safety

How It Works

STEP 1: Assess

First, you’ll learn to size up the situation that you’re in: what the criminal’s goals are, size up the physical situation, and take legal considerations into account so that you can get the most accurate assessment possible.

STEP 2: Plan

Now that you have an accurate assessment of the scenario, you’ll learn to develop a simple plan of action. A plan is a map. With a plan, you’ll have a basic course of action on what you need to do and how to get there. This will also allow you to stay on the right of the law.

STEP 3: Act

Finally, you’ll learn the skills and drills to survive against a bigger, stronger, meaner bad guy. We’ll help you learn a range of options from avoiding a situation completely, to verbal tactics to de-escalate a tense encounter, to physically fighting back against a sudden attack.

Personal Protective Measures Level 1 is a single weekend of coursework divided into 8 modules:

Day 1: Surviving the Unarmed Attacker

  • Module 1: Basics of Self Defense – Understanding criminals and criminal violence. Survival mindset. Awareness. Assessing your situation. Staying conscious. Getting off the X. Basic defensive and offensive postures, movement, striking and kicking.
  • Module 2: Grounded & Wall Defense – How to survive getting knocked down, protecting yourself on the ground or pinned against a wall, so you can maintain consciousness and regain your mobility to escape.
  • Module 3: Defense Against Grabs and Chokes – Escaping common attacks of being grabbed by the wrist or clothing, bear hugged, picked up, or choked so you can escape abduction.


Day 2: Surviving the Armed Attacker

  • Module 4: Defense Against Blunt Weapons – Surviving being beaten with a blunt weapon, such as a baseball bat, crowbar, or other similar weapon. 
  • Module 5: Defense Against Edged Weapons, Pre-Contact – Surviving being slashed and stabbed by edged weapons, such as a machete, box cutter, or knife. 
  • Module 6: Defense Against Edged Weapons, On-Contact – Surviving being held at knifepoint. Integrate verbal tactics and learn when to comply or resist to stay alive.
  • Module 7: Defense Against Firearms – Surviving being held at gunpoint. Integrate verbal tactics, learn when to comply or resist, disarm and incapacitate opponents if necessary.
  • Module 8: Defense Against Multiple Attackers and Improvised Weapons – Use the skills learned in the previous modules while using simple strategies and tactics to survive and escape multiple attackers. 


Each module of training builds upon the previous module to form a cohesive integrated system that is easy to understand and simple to apply. No complicated or fancy martial arts moves. Only simple tactics that work so that you can stay alive!


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