Violence can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Are you prepared to defend yourself or your loved ones?

The current times in America are very dangerous and unpredictable. Look at any news channel and you quickly realize that the concept of a “safe neighborhood” is an illusion. Violent criminals no longer have borders or areas they stay in. It’s happening everywhere and can touch anyone…even you or your loved ones. If your ready to prepare yourself for this very real possibility, you’ve come to the right place!

There are many types of self defense situations that you may find yourself in. Our mission at A.C.T. Defense is to train you, the concerned and responsible citizen, in three main areas:

Assessment, Communication, and Tactics for self Defense.

Assessment skills to avoid violence or respond appropriately. Communication skills to de-escalate hostile situations. And of course, physical tactics to survive when problems can’t be avoided or de-escalated.

Take a look at our training programs below.

Choose Your Training Program Below

Our programs are designed to help you deal with any violent situation with the least amount of time, effort, and energy.

Bujinkan Martial Arts

If you are the kind of person that loves a challenge, wants to develop an indomitable yet humble spirit, and wishes to take your personal defense skills to the highest level of efficiency, then check out our Bujinkan Martial Arts program. This program is for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve mastery!

bujinkan martial arts

Self Defense Courses

If you want state of the art self defense training, but your busy schedule prevents you from being able to attend on-going classes two to three times a week, then our weekend self defense courses are for you. These courses will give you the most essential skills in minimum time! Click the button below now for more information.


Defensive Firearms Courses

Firearms are one of the most efficient ways to defend yourself in a life threatening situation. Our firearms courses are designed to train the responsible citizen beyond simplistic and unrealistic bullseye practice. These courses are designed to make you a safe and competent shooter within the context of real world self defense.

firearms classes

See What Other People Say About A.C.T. Defense

I want to take this moment to give a bit of praise to Michael Tucker for being the kind of instructor that goes above and beyond to stay on the cutting edge of self defense tactics and philosophy. I know just for me personally he opened my eyes to the realities of self defense from the fanciful ideas of “being ninja” and has consistently overcome my preconceptions with logic and has taught me to challenge what I “think” I know by testing them and adapting for what works. Great respect, Sensei. Can I get a good amen from my friends at Tuscaloosa Martial Arts and A.C.T. Defense? – Officer Tim D., Tuscaloosa Police Department

I’ve known and trained with this group since 2009. Tucker-Sensei’s instruction is always top-notch. I’ve definitely learned something valuable every time I have been able to train with him and his group. Tucker-sensei spends a vast amount of time studying personal defense from every conceivable facet, and then makes it a priority to provide that information in an easy-to-digest manner. Truly one of the top places to train anywhere. – Cody M.

Michael Tucker provided an excellent self defense course for my team that goes out on the streets to identify & assist victims of sex trafficking. He tailored the training for our specific needs and took the time to ensure the team had some tools & resources when we are on the streets to identify and respond to threats. Obviously more than one day of training is really needed, but he did an excellent job with the time constraints we put on him. We can’t thank him, Duncan & Caleb enough for their help! (oh, and he even let me use his comfy office chair to sit in and watch since I was 2 days post-emergency operation and couldn’t participate!) #stopsextrafficking  – Tanya H., KlassKIDS Foundation