Martial Arts & Self Defense in Hoover

We help motivated individuals achieve greater health, security, and freedom through martial arts and self defense training. Start your journey today!

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4 Week Martial Fitness Trial

Are you ready for a new and exciting way to learn self defense, get in shape, and lose weight faster than you ever dreamed? 

  • learn the techniques, tactics, and strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from danger
  • discover the nutritional secrets that will burn fat crazy fast and skyrocket your energy
  • improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility with our modern approach to martial arts training

Bujinkan Martial Arts

Our most comprehensive program. Bujinkan Martial Arts will take your striking, clinch, ground, and weapon skills to the highest level, get you in great shape, and give you an indomitable spirit.

A.C.T. Defense

Martial Arts School

2400 Mountain Drive #101

Hoover, AL 35226

(205) 490-8340

Hours of Operation:

Monday                 6-9pm

Tuesday                 6-9pm

Wednesday           6-9pm

Thursday               6-9pm

Friday                    Closed

Saturday               9:30am-12:30pm

Sunday                  Closed