Bujinkan Martial Arts Enrollment

When you enroll in our Bujinkan Martial Arts Program, you will receive:

  • two training sessions each week
  • complimentary training uniform ($226 value)
  • complimentary protective gear package ($110 value)
  • the Grandmaster’s book of fundamentals a.k.a. Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki ($17 value)
  • lifetime access to our Alumni Private Facebook Group 
  • A.C.T. Defense student guidebook
  • 50% off on “in-house” seminars taught by our own head instructor
  • Opportunities to participate in advanced seminars with master level instructors

Tuition is $39/week electronically billed every 28 days.

A.C.T. Defense

Martial Arts School

2036 Old Montgomery Hwy

Birmingham, AL 35244

(205) 490-8340

Hours of Operation:

Monday                 7:30-9pm

Tuesday                 Closed

Wednesday           7:30-9pm

Thursday               Closed

Friday                    Closed

Saturday               11:30am-1pm

Sunday                  Closed