Drilling The Grounded Position

In real self defense, two elements are critical.

1) You need to stay conscious.

2) You need to be mobile.

Tactically speaking, sometimes going to the ground is a great idea. Sometimes it’s a terrible idea.

The choice shouldn’t be a matter of preference, but of what gives you the greatest chance of survival.

The Grounded Position is a pretty rough spot to be in.

You’re not on the ground with your opponent as in newaza where you can exercise a greater amount of control…but you’re also not standing where you have a greater amount of offensive and defensive options.

In self defense, our preference is to be standing so that we have more mobility…usually for the purpose of escaping a violent situation.

These drills were to develop more defensive capability in the grounded position in order to get back to our feet.

The spinning with the stick with eyes closed is to simulate the disorientation you might experience with getting knocked semi-conscious without having to actually get concussed.

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