Zip Tie Sex Trafficking Myth

zip tie sex trafficking myth


The zip tie sex trafficker tag myth is making the rounds again.

This is more urban legend than reality. 

Do a search on “zip tie sex trafficking myth” on Google and/or YouTube.

No reputable source (news, law enforcement agencies, or groups that specifically combat trafficking) has found a single case of this actually happening.

Abduction does happen, but it only accounts for about 3% of victims. Most of the time sex trafficking is a long process of grooming and recruiting.

As far as abductions for the purpose of sex trafficking go, they aren’t using this method. It’s really tactically unsound for the trafficker when you take the time to think it through. 

Why would they tag the same car three mornings in a row and not think someone was on to their plan? Couldn’t they just give a description of the woman? The make and model of her car? What her routines are? Tagging a car door with something that’s likely to be noticed seems like a good way to foil your own plan don’t you think?

Chances are that this man’s daughter either has someone playing a bad practical joke on her or someone is legitimately trying to harass or scare her. But I think it’s improbable it’s for the purpose of abduction into sex trafficking.

So when you see posts like this, take a moment to vet them before you share them. Try to see if it’s legit or not.

The more these myths spread, the more often real signs of sex trafficking can go unnoticed (more info about that linked at the bottom of this article).

Many, if not most women walk through their day fearful of men. Myths like this just add to that fear.

So please share this post so we can at least give them one less thing to worry about.

Thank you!

Know the True Signs of Human Trafficking

Please visit the this link to read about the true signs of human trafficking and sex trafficking.

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