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How To Make Metusbushi

This is a guest post from a couple of our students, Kaitlin Cordova and Rebecca Morrow, on how to make training metsubushi. I’d suggest doing

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Are you Connected or Attached?

Shihan Paul Masse recently taught an awesome martial arts seminar in Birmingham. He talked about several martial arts concepts, but really emphasized the concept of

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Shihan Legare comes to Birmingham

Shidoshi Michael Tucker and the Magic City Dojo hosted Shihan Phillip Legare (15th Dan) for a martial arts and self-defense seminar in Birmingham, Alabama on July 31 and

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A.C.T. Defense

Martial Arts School

2036 Old Montgomery Hwy

Birmingham, AL 35244

(205) 490-8340

Hours of Operation:

Monday                 7:30-9pm

Tuesday                 Closed

Wednesday           7:30-9pm

Thursday               Closed

Friday                    Closed

Saturday               11:30am-1pm

Sunday                  Closed