Drilling Grounded Sweeps

Last Saturday we practiced Fubi no kata from Shinden Fudo Ryu.

The final move in the form is a double ankle sweep from the grounded position.

In jissengata, if our timing is off, the opponent may move one of his feet out of position and the double ankle sweep isn’t available. Therefore we practiced the hook sweep and sickle sweep as back-up techniques.

Then we drilled all three sweeps first with an opponent just creating movement to focus on timing and technical execution.

Then we drilled the three sweeps with the added factor of timing them within the context of a punching opponent. 

We believe dynamic drilling works to improve timing, sensitivity, emotional control, etc. It also exposes weaknesses in your budo taijutsu. If you aren’t aware of your weaknesses, how can you improve?

Dynamic drilling uses a spectrum of competitiveness. Not for points, bragging rights, or social status, but to foster competence. Note the common root in “competitiveness” and “competence.”

Success doesn’t happen without risking failure.

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