Drilling Koshi Kudaki

Our latest video on how to drill for koshi kudaki (stopping a hip throw).

As with most of our drills, we practice while recognizing that the opponent has freewill and a vote in how the fight unfolds.

To drill a specific technique in order to become more competent at it, we narrow the framework in which we practice. But even within this narrowed framework, uke has some degree of choice. Without that element of choice, there is no timing.

In this example, uke must first be competent at executing a hip throw. 

Every time I attend a seminar or a Tai Kai, if the instructor is teaching a defense against a hip throw, on the first repetition I allow my training partner to do the hip throw attack unimpeded just to see if they can even perform the basic technique.

More often than not, they cannot do the technique. Not because of a size or strength issue, but just because they don’t know the basic mechanics of the technique.

How can I possibly trust my ability to defend against a technique if my partner can’t execute that technique?

And if they can execute the basic hip throw statically, can they execute it while moving dynamically and while their opponent is resisting them?

That is the prerequisite for studying this hip throw counter (or any technique for that matter).

Then we study the mechanics and movement of the basic counter to the hip throw. Lower your hips to alter the fulcrum point. Arch the spine back to create disconnection and counter leverage. Use the hands to create more space and quickly counter before the opponent has a chance to execute a follow-up technique. This is introduced slowly and somewhat statically.

Then, of course, drill dynamically while very gradually increasing the intensity without sacrificing safety.

This process is key for making a technique reliable enough for real-world application.

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