When To Use Eye Gouging In Groundfighting

eye gouging groundfighting

Dirty tactics such as eye gouging often come up in self defense instruction as a legitimate method of escaping an attacker. Specifically when on the ground. But as a stand alone tactic, they are very unreliable.

Women’s Protective Measures FAQ

Going into unfamiliar territory is a little challenging for most people. For women who are thinking about taking self defense training, it can be even more challenging. What if I have zero experience? What if I am not in great shape? What if I look foolish or silly? How rough will the training be? Will […]

5 Reasons Women Don’t Train In Self Defense


Women’s self defense is a topic that always comes up in Spring for a couple of reasons. One, April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Two, it’s close to the end of the school year and a lot of young women are graduating high school and leaving home to start college. As you know, […]

Grounded Self Defense Simulation Drill

Being on the ground when a bad guy is standing above and attacking you is very bad position to be in, but it is also common position that you may find yourself in. Regaining your mobility by getting back to your feet is a critical self defense skill. We use a simple skill development cycle […]

Avondale Brewery Abduction, Fake Police Carjacking, & the Value of Suspicion

One of the most powerful learning models and coaching tools in personal defense is analyzing real world incidents. This cuts through all the theory and looks at objective evidence. Reality. Let’s look at two real world incidents that happened recently here in Birmingham, one of which happened this very morning, and see what actionable intelligence […]