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drilling grounded sweeps

Drilling Grounded Sweeps

Drilling Grounded Sweeps Last Saturday we practiced Fubi no kata from Shinden Fudo Ryu. The final move in the form is a double ankle

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drilling the grounded position

Drilling The Grounded Position

Drilling The Grounded Position In real self defense, two elements are critical. 1) You need to stay conscious. 2) You need to be mobile.

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intro to sparring the touch drill

Intro To Sparring: Touch Drill

Intro To Sparring: Touch Drill Most Bujinkan dojos don’t spar or drill with any level of resisting opponents. I think there are several reasons

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Drilling Koshi Kudaki

Drilling Koshi Kudaki Our latest video on how to drill for koshi kudaki (stopping a hip throw). As with most of our drills, we

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defensive pistol training

Critique of 12 Gun Clichés

As is typical on social media (and too often among self defense instructors and students), many things that are actually complex topics get so boiled

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