Impeccable Manners of the Martial Artist

Impeccable Manners of the Martial Artist

Kamidana at the Bujinkan Honbu Dojo

If your heart is open, then respect flows naturally. The martial artist must have impeccable manners – etiquette.

In the dojo we train to be able to protect ourselves. This is the base level. In the course of protecting ourselves or protecting an innocent we may have to cause pain or injure another human being – our attacker. Therefore, in order to not abuse the power we gain through training or to avoid accidentally injuring our training partners, we practice proper dojo etiquette (rei-ho).

But the dojo is more importantly a place to transform our lives for the better. To forge our spirit and body to do the difficult job of a warrior. To be able to effectively stand between innocence and evil.

But etiquette must go beyond the dojo and into our everyday lives. How rare is it in modern times do we hear people say “Yes sir” or “No ma’am?” As a culture we have become slack and simply say “yeah” or “na” to complete strangers. How many of us have shaken hands with someone that doesn’t seem to know how to shake with a firm grip. When was the last time you saw someone take their hat off when they go indoors?

The dojo is a place to train Budo. Budo is a way of life. Budo has the power to change our lives for the better. Does that not deserve respect? Reverance?

Etiquette builds respect. Respect builds reverance. Revere your Life training.

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